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Transfer payment card data to another provider

If you are moving your business away, we are truly sorry to see you go, but hope to meet again sometime. We will help you export your data to any PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level-1 compliant provider.

To initiate the migration process, reach out to us (hello@paylike.io) with your request and include:

  1. Contact details for the other provider (consider adding them as a receiver).
  2. An identifier, such as an email, username, account ID or similar with your new provider.
  3. A signed Data Release and Transport Agreement.
  4. A CSV formatted list of card and transaction IDs you wish to transfer.

Make sure to send it from the email address you use to log in to Paylike allowing us to easily identify you.

We will ask the provider for a valid PCI DSS AoC and their preferred method of transfer, and accommodate it if possible within our current procedures. As a fallback and default procedure we will ask for:

  1. A link to their PGP public key (on a main domain) for encrypting the data.
  2. SSH/SFTP details (a server fingerprint is recommended) for uploading the data.
  3. Their PCI DSS AoC.

Once we hear back, we will upload an encrypted CSV file with payment card data.

If needed, our SSH public key can be found here: https://paylike.io/key.ssh.asc.